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I've got several things on my plate at the moment, so I thought I'd consolidate them into one post for my reference and yours.

Personal Projects:
The Outpost - TRON fic. Currently posting on this journal and AO3. Wordcount: 45k and counting.

Current Claims:

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May. 8th, 2017 03:12 pm


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 Hello there, and welcome to my journal! Here's a little bit about me, before you get started:

Name: Skye
Age: 27
Location: Mid-Southern United States

General Interests: Writing, primarily. I also have an interest in reading (mostly YA and speculative fiction), good movies and television, knitting, baking, and I'm learning to spin and trying to teach myself how to play ukulele. The latter is not really going at the moment, but it's there.

Specific Interests: i.e., fandoms. I'm primarily into Doctor Who and TRON at the moment, and mostly TRON of those two. Other fandoms include the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney animation, Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, Pushing Daisies, Steven Universe, and many more. You can check out my profile for some of my other specific fandoms, but that covers most of the major ones.

Movies: Beauty and the Beast (1991), My Neighbor Totoro, TRON: Legacy, Pacific Rim, The Dark Knight, Iron Man 3, The Grand Budapest Hotel, many, many others
TV: Pushing Daisies, Doctor Who (2005), Steven Universe, Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, Community, Parks and Recreation, Agents of SHIELD
Books: EVERYTHING by Robin McKinley (particular faves are The Blue Sword, Dragonhaven, and Shadows); Protector of the Small Quartet, Tamora Pierce; The Old Kingdom series, Garth Nix; The Fault in Our Stars, John Green; The Shades of London series, Maureen Johnson; Discworld, Terry Pratchett (particular faves are Going Postal, Thud!, and Feet of Clay). Other authors: Naomi Novik, Neil Gaiman, JRR Tolkien, and others
Music: Genres include movie and television soundtracks, electronic and dance, some pop, some alternative. Bands: Daft Punk, The Glitch Mob, They Might Be Giants, Pomplamoose, Weird Al Yankovic. Composers: Thomas Newman, John Williams, Michael Giacchino, Alan Menken.

Other Stuff to Know About Me: I am living with MDD, dysthymia, and anxiety. I may post about these things, but not often. I mostly use this journal (at least at this point in time) to post about my life and my writing. As such, a lot of stuff is flocked. If you want to make friends, that's cool; just comment on this entry and I'll check you out!

I'm a big fan of interesting female characters, complex and unexpected plots, and happy endings. Not so cool with love triangles, plot retreads, and angst for angst's sake. That's just a few things.

in re: Doctor Who - Since it's a big dividing issue in the fandom, I like to let it be known up front that I love Steven Moffat's work on the show. I am also fairly fond of his other shows, namely Jekyll (very yes) and Sherlock (not too bad). I don't mind RTD's run on the show, but there are only a handful of episodes from his era that I unconditionally love; a lot of the rest induce too much secondhand embarrassment to be really enjoyable for me.

I think that about covers everything. Again, if you want to be friends/have access, just comment on this post, and I'll more than likely add you! :)


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